Friday, 28 June 2013

Creamy herbal chicken!


Don't let the headline fool you. Of course this is not made with chicken. However it used to be. This was one of my favourite meals with chicken and after finding the quorn fillets I used for the Ceasar Salad I noticed it is just as good with them! I originally found a recipe with this creme fraiche mix years back. It was when I wanted to cook meals without making an effort, wanted everything to be done fast. A major dairy company launched a bunch of flavoured creme fraiches and I had two solid favourites, one with shallots and this one, with garlic and herbs. It was so creamy and rich compared to other garlic and herb sauces I tried. After a while, a few years or so, they disappeared from the shelves. I sobbed for quite a while and wondered if I ever would make this dish again.

Then came the day. The company Créme Bonjour had sold the series of sauces and relaunched them under a new name. My beloved shallot was gone, but the garlic and herb one remained. I used to make this with pasta and could substitute it with the low carb pasta I eat now days but I think the greens make up for it anyway. Let's just say I don't miss the pasta bit. I can't remember the original recipe as I've come to make this the same way year after year but I simply love it. So I present you, creamy herbal chicken! I understand it is your loss if this product isn't sold where you live. But this is a shout out to check your dairy section for a cooking base of some sort. There are a lot of low carb ones to buy, at least here. 

RECIPE for two big servings

1 Creme Bonjour Cousine Vitlök & Örter (Garlic and Herbs)
1 zucchini
150 grams of frozen haricots verts
1 smaller red onion
1 package, about 100 grams of feta cheese
2 large or 4 small filets of quorn


  1. Chop the greens into desired pieces. Put zucchini in a frying pan on low heat with a bit of olive oil.
  2. Chop the fillets into desired pieces. Add to the frying pan and turn the heat up. Cooking time!
  3. Then add the haricots verts, I like them non-chopped. Do what you please. Who am I to tell you different? Right?
  4. When it all seem to be cooked, add the onions. 
  5. Cut the feta cheese into cubes. 
  6. Stir in the herb sauce and add the feta cheese. Ones it's heated you're good to season and eat!

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