About Miss Shiz


I am a 27 year old Swede with a newfound lifestyle. I like cooking and taking pictures and hope to share some inspiration with you guys! My interests include baking, cats, film, League of Legends, tattoos and yoga. 

When it comes to film, I would watch anything really. I appreciate a good film no matter what genre. I got favourite directors though. Hail Tarantino! Miyazaki! Nolan! Burton! 

A good song is a good song no matter who made it or how it wounds. I would however especially listen to Biffy Clyro, Lady Gaga, Led Zeppelin, U2, Interpol, Kashmir, The Temper Trap among others. 

I own two cats, Hanzo (named after Hattori Hanzo from Kill Bill) who is 7 years and Fantastic Mr Fox (named after the book and film) who is 2 years. 

I play League of Legends in spare time and spend a great amount of time following tournaments and streams. 

I want to be a really good yogi and I am collecting awesome looking tattoos, including a left arm sleeve themed with Miyazakis animated film Princess Mononoke and my favourite song lyric on the top of my back.

If you are american you will have to convert the recipes yourself and the majority of the world uses another system, including me ;) I do not provide nutrition information on a regular basis as I do not count carbs anymore and can't present statistics about the food. I am so used to low carb food I just cook without counting. With a mostly vegan diet I also chose to eat greens with higher carb value to get more energy as I lack a lot from not eating dairy. However, I check nutrition when buying something and never buy items with anything but low carb. Therefor the sauces etc I use are low carb and it is your responsibility to find an appropriate option. I could try to count carbs for some recipes, but frankly, I can't promise I got the time.

PM me at reddit if you got any questions, link under header. Have fun browsing!

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