Wednesday, 24 July 2013



I felt like checking in and telling you all about the reason I'm not posting any recipes at the moment. First of all, I am working (something I don't do often as I study to get my teaching license and PhD. I am the supervisor of a school over the summer weeks when the school is closed. What we do is offering education to the children where parents don't have vacation or if the child have special needs, such as needing social interaction. My job is working full time in a group with 32 children as well as managing the school (teachers, administration, economy etc). 

The second reason is I am moving out of my apartment of 8 years and spouse of 9 years. I am getting my own place and will be posting recipes once I am all settled in my new apartment. Move-in date is next week and then it will take a few weeks to get everything in place. On september 2nd I am back at university and back on track with everything else in life! 

Check out my links until then, there should be a lot of recipes to grab! 


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Taco Salad!


In Sweden, the taco dinner is holy. It's probably the most popular food in swedish homes and considered a part of the weekend. "Fredagsmys" without tacos ain't no friday! I once saw some mexican lady on a swedish tv-show, analyzing the swedish taco and comparing it a bit to the american one. Not genuine mexican food, but somewhat more lame in the adaption. I never had mexican tacos and can't say much about it. All I know is I love eating the swedish one. Minced meat, taco spices, whatever greens you like, either corn shells or my fav - tortillas. Then the other yumminess- sauces. Salsa, sourcream, guacamole. Holy moly. I just had sushi dinner but still want this. 

In our supermarket there are different variations of vegetarian tacos. I found a package (that to me didn't look too good) on the shelves. Can't say anything about it. Went to the frozen foods instead and bought the minced meat I tend to use for bolognaise, meatballs, patties etc. That's the only thing I changed, the meat. The rest is the same as I always use. Except I upped the vegetables and removed the tortilla. Hence- Taco Salad! 

Now, this picture is actually from when I did this salad a year ago. I was too hungry to take a picture this time but will do the next. Reason for this is I found a new joy in making my own salsa rather than buying the finished product that is most common here. With the new picture a recipe will come. For now, enjoy a picture of a "left over" Taco Salad with lots of iceberg lettuce, cucumber, red onions, avocados, taco spiced "minced meat", creme fraiche and salsa. Adios!