Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Taco Salad!


In Sweden, the taco dinner is holy. It's probably the most popular food in swedish homes and considered a part of the weekend. "Fredagsmys" without tacos ain't no friday! I once saw some mexican lady on a swedish tv-show, analyzing the swedish taco and comparing it a bit to the american one. Not genuine mexican food, but somewhat more lame in the adaption. I never had mexican tacos and can't say much about it. All I know is I love eating the swedish one. Minced meat, taco spices, whatever greens you like, either corn shells or my fav - tortillas. Then the other yumminess- sauces. Salsa, sourcream, guacamole. Holy moly. I just had sushi dinner but still want this. 

In our supermarket there are different variations of vegetarian tacos. I found a package (that to me didn't look too good) on the shelves. Can't say anything about it. Went to the frozen foods instead and bought the minced meat I tend to use for bolognaise, meatballs, patties etc. That's the only thing I changed, the meat. The rest is the same as I always use. Except I upped the vegetables and removed the tortilla. Hence- Taco Salad! 

Now, this picture is actually from when I did this salad a year ago. I was too hungry to take a picture this time but will do the next. Reason for this is I found a new joy in making my own salsa rather than buying the finished product that is most common here. With the new picture a recipe will come. For now, enjoy a picture of a "left over" Taco Salad with lots of iceberg lettuce, cucumber, red onions, avocados, taco spiced "minced meat", creme fraiche and salsa. Adios!

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